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In my medical practice, I use ONLY The Unseen Therapist. I have thrown away my prescription pad.
Gabrielle Rutten, MD
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One Natural Remedy for Everything: Emotions ... Pains ... Diseases

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The Unseen Therapist
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Meet The Unseen Therapist (In whom the impossible becomes routine)

The Unseen Therapist is your “spiritual healer within.”

She is ever-present and, when you learn to use Her skills properly, you will find She is vastly more powerful than drugs, surgeries and other man-made attempts at healing.

She represents a healing revolution that leaves your current beliefs behind and whisks you off on a magic carpet ride into your personal healing cosmos.

This is where your ultimate remedy resides and, once mastered, your view of the entire healing field will shift. Your need for drugs and surgeries will be minimized or erased. Side effects will fade into near nothingness. And heavy expenses will be dramatically curtailed. In their place will emerge creative possibilities that will bring new levels of healing into your hands.

If you are a patient, you can draw on The Unseen Therapist for self-help. If you are a doctor, nurse, therapist or other practitioner, you can use Her abundant support before resorting to invasive procedures and their side-effects.

To do Her work She needs only your readiness and proper invitation.

Within these pages, you will learn how to develop that readiness and provide that invitation. Doing so involves a very do-able process that can generate impressive benefits even while you are learning. You may go as far as you wish and are limited only by your motivation.

Once mastered to the ultimate degree, you will hold the equivalent of a magic wand that delivers benefits for every ailment imaginable. This includes everything from a common headache — to every conceivable emotional issue — to the apparently hopeless diseases for which conventional methods often fail.

And, yes, that includes your ailment, even if it is considered exotic, rare or impossible. Here are a few examples from my students. Many more to follow later.

What you Get When You Request the Unseen Therapist e-book:

I never give, sell or share your information with anyone! I protect your privacy like it was my own.- Gary Craig -

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Kim Fairrell

Kim Fairrell gets relief from heavy depression.

“The Unseen Therapist allowed me to wake up this morning, for the first time in decades, with a positive outlook in life. Medications did very little for my depression. My suicide thoughts have disappeared and I’ve all but forgotten what heavy depression is like.” Kim Fairrell

Gabrielle Rutten, MD

Gabrielle Rutten, MD eliminates migraines and back pain. No longer uses her prescription pad.

"The Unseen Therapist helped me get rid of years of migraine headaches and back pain. My results with clients were so much better than what I could do with drugs that I have never again used my prescription pad." Gabrielle Rutten, MD


Jagjeet’s client has "strange tingling" related to internal happiness.

Jagjeet Singh Ahluwalia works with The Unseen Therapist on a client's emotional issue and, during the process, he reports…

"So with a little bit of pre-talk I just asked her to close her eyes and requested The Unseen Therapist to take over. After a couple of minutes (actually less than 2) she opened her eyes and she was all smiles and said I feel this strange tingling all over my body and her legs were kind of shaky because of whatever she was feeling. She could not believe what she was experiencing internally, the happiness that had suddenly come over her." Jagjeet Singh Ahluwalia

Carol Smith

Carol Smith no longer considers herself a victim.

“After one session with Gary and The Unseen Therapist, I am no longer burdened by the childhood thought that I am a victim.” Carol Smith

Patsy Anthony

Peace and relief for Crohn’s Disease for Patsy Anthony.

“The Unseen Therapist not only gave me relief for Crohn's Disease, she also installed within me an incredible sense of peace. I feel like my true self again.” Patsy Anthony 

Dominique Monette, MD

Dominique Monette, MD gets relief for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Unless there is an immediate medical emergency, I recommend The Unseen Therapist for my clients before resorting to drugs, surgery or other invasive medical methods. She is efficient, gentle, highly effective and was a central player in my recovery from leaky gut syndrome.” Dominique Monette, MD 


Camille Vache-Guyet’s severe cervical spine pain is gone – so is addiction to cigarettes.

“After a few sessions with The Unseen Therapist regarding my severely degenerated cervical spine, the pains and discomforts have vanished. I haven’t seen them for a year. Also, my 20+ year addiction to cigarettes seems to be gone after 3 Unseen Therapist sessions 3 months ago. I haven’t wanted one since.” Camille Vache-Guyet

The Unseen Therapist lives within each of us — no exceptions — and thus is readily available to you. A child can call on Her and get impressive results. So can a prisoner, housewife, war veteran or doctor. It doesn’t matter about your educational level either. You only need to be able to read this book. Nor does it matter whether you are rich or poor, young or old, male or female, athletic or crippled. She is waiting — and eager — to bring healing well beyond your expectations.

She is the loving essence of all spiritual practices and thus does not conflict with anyone’s Divine preferences. She is known by many names, including: Love, God, Source, Peace, Jesus, Buddha, Yahweh, Muhammad, Allah, Higher Intelligence, Spirit, Holy Spirit, Jehovah, Guidance, Inner Wisdom, Ruach Hakodesh and more. I’ve had clients who prefer to call her Nature or the Ocean Waves. Others equate Her with the loving memory of a grandmother, a pet or a coach. It doesn’t matter which name you give Her as She has no ego.

Further, she is not actually a “She” because she has no body and thus no gender. I refer to her as a She because females are generally considered to be softer and more compassionate than males. But, if you prefer, you can call Her a he — or an it — or even a cloud or a breeze. Your choice. What you call her doesn’t change who She is.

I am bringing you this advancement as an outsider to the healing profession. I am a Stanford trained engineer with no formal education in medicine, therapy or the like. As a result, I am free to innovate because I am not burdened by the hand-me-down beliefs that permeate the healing professions. While medicine has certainly provided some impressive innovations, those advances are small when compared to the possibilities that come from within.

Engineers prefer to simplify. We look at a complex process, break it down into essential pieces, throw out the unnecessary parts and then rebuild it into a streamlined procedure. The result, in this case, is The Unseen Therapist and her one natural remedy for everything.

“But Gary,” you might ask, “Haven’t people been using similar methods — like prayer and distance healing — for many years?”

Yes, of course, and it was those stunning results that helped point me in this direction. What I have added, however, is a companion healing process (The Personal Peace Procedure) that brings unique focus to your issue(s). This focus adds more power to your healing prayers and allows them to be answered with greater reliability, depth and efficiency.

That’s why The Unseen Therapist, together with our companion process, is already reshaping our healing landscape. This is easily verified in “A Peek at Your Possibilities” (later in this book) which includes dramatic samples of this combo at work with patients, doctors, nurses, therapists and healing practitioners worldwide. These samples range from the fear of dogs, to disappearing blood clots, to hospital miracles and beyond.

This is a practical book that displays this combination as well as how to gain these benefits without the debatable theologies as to why. Thus, you will be connecting with the vast healing power of your spiritual essence while avoiding theological speculation. This allows you to disregard conventional methods which, in turn, reveals the true cause of your ailments.

And that cause is of the mind. It is emotional, not physical.

This simplifies the entire health field and allows you to step onto a bridge that leads to an ultimate remedy with healing benefits unimagined by man-made therapies. New doors, new vistas and impressive benefits await you.

Here's What People Are Saying ...

Gary I can go on and on - everyday every patient is touched in one way or another by this amazing power as peace trickles into their lives.
Dr. Isabel Reis
Unless there is an immediate medical emergency, I recommend The Unseen Therapist for my clients before resorting to drugs, surgery or other invasive medical methods. She is efficient, gentle, highly effective and was a central player in my recovery from leaky gut syndrome.
Dominique Monette, MD
Thanks to The Unseen Therapist, when I’m really on the bliss roll I am oblivious to time... to regular eating... I need/want less sleep... all my senses are heightened, big time.
Linda Carr
...and this beautiful expanding light brought me to floods of tears and literally to my knees.
Jacqui Halstead
What a wonderful way to heal! No need to do anything else. Thank You Gary!
Joanna Czaijkowska
I have experienced the work of The Unseen Therapist on different emotional and physical issues – from childhood traumas to negative beliefs, a stye under the eyelid, sciatica, a sore throat and headaches. I got stunning results and lasting resolution for each one of these issues.
Diane von der Weid
This book is destined to be required reading for every doctor on the planet. It will save lives and dramatically reduce the enormous cost of medicine.
Dr. Sonia Novinsky